What they say about us

“For the last Innovation Security Day we decided to deliver as a gadget something that people could use and that was also a good metaphor for what we wanted to have with Latch, so we decided to give all attendees an iPatch. This small gadget is nothing more than a simple solution to cover the webcam and uncover it as needed, and avoid unpleasant solutions. As the product allowed customization, we decided to put the logo of our Latch and so anyone who uses it will always have in mind the metaphor of the solution. There is the gadget placed in one of my computers”.

Chema Alonso, Security Expert

“To offer greater security to users, company security officers, educators… a good solution is iPatch. Equipped with a small cap, it allows you to cover the lens of the camera when not in use or uncover it if we are going to have, for example, a videoconference”.

Eduardo Ruiz, Creative

“Unlike traditional software, iPatch is the only system on the market that, being manual, avoids 100% of being observed through the webcam without your consent, providing peace of mind and security. Without a doubt iPatch is the missing piece to solve this problem”.

Cinco Días, Economic newspaper

“The acceptance of iPatch by the university students of Salamanca has been excellent, we have noted with satisfaction, that security was a concern especially in the youngest and that iPatch was an imaginative solution that also allowed us to advertise our catalog, something we consider vital for the publisher.
The results of our campaign have fulfilled our expectations, as well as contributing to raising awareness of the problem of security via webcam, which is a reason for double satisfaction”.

José María Rodríguez Monge, Editorial Management Unit - University of Salamanca

“I love the idea of being able to share with my clients security, quality and personalization in the same promotional product. Through an iPatch we are reminding our customers that Lionbridge is with them and we care about their security, and we have been able to customize the instructions for each of the markets in which we have delivered”.

Lionbridge, Translation, localization and marketing company

“Ipatch is an innovative gadget that allows us to bring our brand closer and relate it to a confidential and safe working environment for our clients, guaranteeing their privacy while they work. Without a doubt an effective solution that brings distinction”.

Gestiona, First certified eGovernment platform

“iPatch is a product that helps us protect our privacy at work and at home. As a promotional gift is very attractive, well done and serious at the time of manufacture and shipment”.

Mª José Briñon, Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling