Interactive Special Actions

Interactive iPatch (optional service)

– Interactivity is done through “Automatic Content Image” from a mobile App.

– The procedure and the result is similar to a QR code or a BIDI code.

– The content can be updated on a monthly basis.

Distribution Channels


– Promotional items (iPatch)


– Mobile APP

What kind of interactive solutions offer?

Augmented reality 

– Digital Showcase (shopwindow)

– Online Interactive Sales

– Images

– Advertising Promotions

Interactive Video

Quiz / Test 

Video content

– Interactive video


Awareness: you have a continuing impact while you are in front of the PC or other audiovisual device.

Security: you’re settling the problem of the “spycam” and “camfecting”.

Performance: prolonged exposure of the Brand brand at a low cost.

Customizing: of iPatch with the logo of the advertiser and its interactive audiovisual content.

What can we achieve with interactive actions?

Interactive User Experience: in multi-touch screens.

Exclusive Content: at the right time on real time.

New business opportunities: para la publicidad dirigida e interactiva.

How does the automatic image recognition work?

1.- Place the Interactive iPatch on our computer.

2.- Through our mobile devices we can do the action of Automatic Image Recognition.

3.- The interactivity actions happen through a mobile APP, with which we can use the Augmented Reality with exclusive content.