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We inform you that we use cookies to personalize the advertising and content you see while browsing, to satisfy your demands about some products or services and to inform you about special promotions and new products and services, to profile and improve our relationship with the USER and also adapt to their technological means. This information includes your IP address, information about MERCHANMARKETING S.L. cookies and about the pages you have visited. The USER has the ability to configure your browser to be warned of the receipt or, where appropriate, rejection of the receipt of cookies on your hard drive, should consult to that effect, the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information.


MERCHANMARKETING S.L., uses this information:


1. Cookies used by this website and its purpose

The analytical cookies used come from the following usability, metric and analytical service providers:

Google Analytics (

As well as a visitor counter, it uses cookies for a variety of purposes, including remembering your SafeSearch preferences, increasing the relevance of the ads you see, counting the number of visits we receive to access a page, helping you register for our services, and protecting your data.


2. Configuration of cookies and revocation of consent

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– Firefox: Tools -> Privacy Options -> History -> Custom Settings.

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– Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content configuration.

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– Safari: Preferences -> Security.

For more information, you can consult Apple support or the browser Help.


3. Anti-Spam Policy

The people who receive some of the communications, information, newsletters, electronic publicity from them receive them for the following reasons:

– By online registration from this page.

– By online registration from collaborators’ pages.

– By request of information of our products and services.

– For having provided your information to one of our Collaborators or Employees.

– By off-line registration when filling in forms, bulletins, applications, etc., which are offered at fairs, offices, collaborators and which are archived for further verification for 5 years

Our communications do not want to reach any person who does not want it, therefore, and in order to correct the situation that can sometimes occur where someone can register another without their consent, we have incorporated into this subscription system a filter based on a “non-contact list” that prevents registration to any email address included in it. Therefore, if you never want to receive our communications and prevent anyone from registering against your will, please send us an e-mail to GELA@IPATCHWEB.COM indicating in the SUBJECT: “LOW LIST” and we will include in the “non-contact list” the address from which this e-mail is sent to us.

If you have any problem doing it electronically, do not hesitate to contact us at (+34) 916333243 during office hours, where a person will attend you personally and carry out the procedure.


4. Applicable law and jurisdiction

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