Por NOTORIETY. To have a continuous impact while you are in front of a computer or other device, achieving an increased notoriety and increasing the brands market share.

Por DURABILITY. Being made with finest quality materials, makes a highly durable product, which ensures it´s long lasting presence.

Por PROFITABILITY. It´s ensures frequent exposure of your brand over a long period of time at a low cost. It is like having a banner constantly on the computer screen.

And besides…

Because your publicity will not only reach more people, but it will do it offering a value added of security, trust and protection.

Because it will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competitors due to it´s unique and innovative format, different from traditional advertising which has little acceptance and infiltration, it can be totally personalized regarding colour and design.

Because knowing how to choose the appropiate merchandising is the key to holding their presence in the short and long term.